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Enter the name for this tabbed section: Taxes
We at 1040+ Quality Tax & Financial Services believe in service and the value of relationships. It is a win / win situation when all our clients are happy with our work. We view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of your success. We want to be your "One Stop Financial Resource Center". We are committed to providing close personal attention to our clients.
We have over 75 years of tax and financial services. We take pride in assuring our clients that our expertise is the direct result of advanced training, technical experience and financial acumen derived from rendering tax, bookkeeping and financial advice for thousands of business clients. Our continuing investment of time and resources in professional continuing education, state-of-the-art computer technology and extensive business relationships is indicative of our commitment to excellence.
Our firm is located at the North Houston area, with a staff that fluctuates between 10 to 50 employees. During tax season, we contract with professional tax preparers to better serve you and to handle the most sophisticated and technical tax matters.
Our office's staff include an experienced financial / tax preparer and an experienced insurance agent.
Enter the name for this tabbed section: Amending Returns
Procedures for Having Prior Years' Tax Returns Reviewed for Possible Amendments
I will fulfill all of your income tax services from my office. Documentation relating to audit notices is the only paperwork should be sent to the Corporate Office.
The review of past tax years' returns is a service offered by ATPN members to IMAs. IMAs that have operated home businesses in years prior to joining us have benefited from this service. The Tax People require a $33.00 per tax year deposit towards the review of one or more past year's returns (i.e., to review three returns, the affiliate will need a $99 deposit). Please make your check payable to Becker's Tax Service.
If, after reviewing your Tax Return, I determine that you will likely be due a refund, I will prepare the amended return(s) for you and apply any deposit toward the final preparation cost. If it appears likely that you will NOT be due a refund, your deposit check will be returned to you, as no amended return will be prepared. I encourage you to discuss all fees before authorizing any tax return preparation work.
Before making an appointment with my office, you must complete the following steps so that I can amend your past tax returns:
Complete a Tax Organizer for each tax year you want reviewed by my office. Plainly mark the appropriate tax year, in large numbers, on the front of each Organizer. In the Tax Organizer, record all information that will help me complete a thorough review of your return(s). Include only information for one year in each Organizer.
Make a photocopy of the completed Tax Organizers for your records, as well as photocopies of any documentation or records that you give to an affiliate. Do Not Send Originals. Have your originals in hand when discussing your records with me. This will improve communication and expedite the process, saving everyone time and money.

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